Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not over yet!!!!!!!!!!

I know Christmas should be a happy time and all, but it's not the same anymore........ I loved it when the kids where little, the laughter, the noise, the music.......xmas wrapping paper from end of the lounge room spilling into the next room!!!

The Xmas Eve Church Service and the Family get together afterwards!! The kids playing with their new toys and on School Holidays.

Those were the days!!! Not anymore!!!

Now they've all grown up and have families of their own... doing their own thing. I didn't see it coming... I have tried to come to terms with it, but it's hard!! This has to be WORSE than when my last child went to his first day at school!!!!!!

My thoughts are with those people who have no-one... I can't imagine how it must be? (and I don't want to!!) How did my Dad cope all those years not seeing my sister and I all those years?

I celebrated Xmas with DFiance and his family with a sumptuous meal at a restuarant, and I felt compelled to eat it all as it was $55pp (whether you ate it or not!!)

Stephanie (below left took this photo of us at the restuarant.

We look real happy huh???

After lunch DF and I chilled out at home by ourselves for a few hours and then we picked up his 2 kids and grandson, then we all went to DFs' sister and BILs' for a BBQ (much later on)... we were all still so full from the lunch...LOL

In a few days time my two kids and my grandies are coming here from their celebrations with family in the Barossa (I WISHED I COULD HAVE GONE....but I work at the hospital and couldn't get enough time off) I have something to look forward to at last.... I miss them sooooooooooooo much!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Party ....Friday 18th Dec!!!

at Bons Scraps
8:30pm - welcome drinks and xmas photos
8:45pm - bingo
9pm - sketch
9:15pm - scraplift
9:30pm - xmas trivia - will continue over the weekend

drinks and bingo and general chat will be in chatzy....

PM one of the DT for the password if you don't have it...
don't forget to register and put your bingo words in.

see you there
\:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Cheers Bronny

Friday, December 11, 2009



MONDAY 7.30pm QLD Time

Go check it out here!

here is a sneak.......

Looks gorgeous from the sneak..... hopee to see you there at Bon's Scraps

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to get my Boy and Girl Kits from Bons Scraps............. every month around this time I stalk the postie......... I'm like a kid waiting for Father Christmas!!!!!!!

I know there are still some left... and oh my they are scrumptious!!!

I had a look in the GALLERY and a few lucky girls have already got theirs and already finished their KIT Challenge!!!

I LOVE BONS KITS!!!!!!! Go check them out now, before they are gone!!!!

Cheers Bronny

Sunday, December 6, 2009

She is so ready

for Kinder!!!

My gorgeous Grand-daughter Harmony can't wait for Kinder....she's a real socialite...loves company that's for sure!!

Here harmony is a new friend she made at Kinder..

Aren't they adorable????

This morning I made Licorice Allsorts Slice ready for Christmas Parties...

I'm working on one of The Room Of The Month Challenge at Bons Scraps at the moment, hope to finish it tomorrow.

Tomorrow night Scrapbooking Top 50 are Making 7 Cards in 7 Days... I hope to make some Christmas Cards this year!!!

There are no special requirements, use what you have in your stash to make cards in a flash with Vicki......Go check it out now!!!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mt Gambier Xmas Bike Run today!!!

I rode my '600' and Fred on the CBR 1100 to Penola

.......everyone meets there for a quick chat and then we leave in one big pack of bikes!!!! AWESOME!!!

I love the rumble of the bikes.................
Steve and Suzi on the left and a friend of theirs, and me.

When we get back to Mount Gambier, the bikes all meet at Chicken Drive for a Police escort up Commercial St, then part of Sturt St and then Penola Rd to the Lakes for BBQ lunch and catch-up with friends!!!!!!

It starts to feel like Xmas when the kids are waving and blocking their ears from the loud rumble of the bikes.....

At the Lakes
These guys got into the Spirit!!!!! LOL


Monday, November 30, 2009

I really should....

blog more often!!!
So much has happened since the last post...

Firstly, 3rd December is International Day for People with a Disability and a really sweet and extremely talented friend from Bons Scraps is teaching a Class to help raise funds for a Sensory Room at her sons' Primary School. If you haven't scrapped for awhile or need some inspiration join here.. Class with Giovanna Scott ... Gigi is a hoot too!!! LOL

Next...still on scrapping...

I Luuuurve the Challenges at Bons....... here are some Lay Outs I did for November
A close-up of my paper flower and hearts......
This LO is of an OTP I did of my Drivers Licences and significant events of each year....

I love this one!!!

A close-up!!

and I looooove this one too!!!! LOL This one is for the 123 Challenge/Stuck Sketches Challenges

ON THE WEEKEND 27th Nov- 29th Nov

I finally got to have 2 days off!!! I have been working 6 days a week, working 3am starts m-f and Sundays 5am-10am.......... and in need of some R & R!!!!

DH and I left for Adelaide Friday afternoon and we took in turns driving (we were both so tired, we even had a nap on the way...LOL not while we drove), had a bite to eat & I fell asleep around 8.30pm!!!

Saturday morning we drove to Gawler to visit my Mum and Step Dad..... it was soooo good to catch up with them...Mum and I love chatting about crafts and she needed help with her laptop....oh I wish she would get the Internet connected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unfortunately we could only stay a few hours......and then visit my Aunty & Uncle on the way to catch up with my Dad.

My Dad had a Pace-maker Operation 2 weeks ago and I haven't been able to visit him till the week-end.... he was soooo thrilled to see me and I am glad he was feeling much, much better....very scary there for awhile!!!

This week back to the grind stone!!! I need to get some photos printed and I'm looking forward to getting my Boy & Girl Kit from Bons in the next week...yippeee!!!

Oh by the way, go chack out Bon's Clearance, great bargains in there and why not check out the What's New Products in Store....mmmmmmmmmmm........noice!!!

Some EXCITING NEWS, we're getting a Rev Cycle Air Con put in tomorrow!!! Wooohooo!!!! Pity we couldn't get it when we had that heat wave we had a couple weeks ago LOL.... oh well... we'll be ready for the next one!!!

Till next time

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something to share....

I have been scrapping again....... yay....... it's very relaxing.... & lots of fun being creative!! LOL

Here's a close up of a LO I finished yesterday.

And this LO I did on the week-end. I haven't scrapped for awhile, must be at least a month!!!!

This pic is a Challenge "Out Of My Kitchen Window" from Bons Scraps November CC

I love this challenge.. prompts you to take more photos... then we can create another scrapping masterpiece!!!

I wonder what our Challenge prompt will be for tomorrow???


Woop Woop!!!! Hurry get your BINGO numbers in!!!!

Visit Bon's Scraps to join in this months AWESOME Scrapping Challenges.

If you haven't already - go and check out Bon's November Cybercrop forum.... lots happening tonight and for the whole week!!!

Charm will be announcing a Challenge, and they're also doing the Photography Challenge again, along with some blog-hopping - go and add your blog to the list!!!

Lots of fantastic prizes and fun to be had!

Hope to see you there :)

8:30- Bon's colour challenge
8:45- ? challenge
9:05- bingo
9:30- ? challenge
9:45- DT Challenge


Monday, November 9, 2009

I can't believe it's only 45 days to Christmas!!!

What are you doing for Christmas? Staying home or going away?

I haven't got a clue what we are doing this year. I can't be bothered really..... it's ALL TOO HARD to please EVERYONE!!!! I have been disappointed soo many times with Christmas get togethers....DRAMA... always DRAMA!!!

One of my favourite Christmas was when DH and I went to stay (camping) at Beachport. We had a BBQ on XMAS DAy & it was the BEST I ever had..... and then we just vegged out!!!!!!! HHHmmm .. my kinda Xmas Celebrations!!!
Don't get me wrong....I love to see my kids & family......... but somehow..... it's not like it used to be when I was a kid.... maybe because I HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS!!!!

I haven't blogged in a while... I have moved 2 rooms around, so now I have a Scraproom & an Office!!! We had a Garage Sale 2 w/ends ago to sell some of our unwanted treasures...LOL...I still need to get another power point put in my scraproom though.

It's been really hot here...well for us it's hot!!!

We are on the countdown now..... we are getting a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner installed on the 1st Dec WooooHooooooo!!!! Can't wait!!! Last night we had to sleep with the fan going!!!

Here is a couple of photos of my gorgeous new grand-daughter sleeping. Isn't she cute???

Sunday 7th November
After I finished work 5am-10am... we decided it was time to get the bikes out go for a ride.... Beachport sounded nice! Oh it was fairly hot especially when you stop.

I ended up stopping (not of my own will) right in the middle of Mt Burr.... cough...splutter.... What the??? Can't be out of petrol? DH said it was full when we left???
Oh no it wasn't full??? Hmmmmmm... next time I will check it myself!!!! So switched it over to RESERVE, then filled up in Millicent.... then away we went to Beachport.... as we got closer to the sea, the air was cooler & man it was MAGIC!!!!! I loved it!!!!

A guy on bike was coming the other way & gave us the BIGGEST wave I have ever seen..... He must've been glad to be on his bike!!! LOL.... that made me smile & think how lucky I am to be able to ride a motorbike... feel the FREEDOM!!!!

I don't know what it is? We don't stay long when we get to our destination usually, and this was no exception. I think it's because we can't wait to get back on the bikes LOL.... We arrived home around 3.30pm...... my neck was starting pinch a bit, which is frustrating, I love to keep riding, but my neck really hurts if I don't stop for a break every so often!!!

Well, now that we have finally got back on the bikes after the long wet winter, I bet we go out a lot more from now on!

I am looking forward to the Annual Christmas Run...... from Penola to Mt Gambier.......can't be too far away..... this will be my first ride with a big group.... eeekkkkk.... I must warn everyone to give me lots of room..LOL

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time to........

It's Bon's CyberCrop on tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come and check it out!!! We also find out the NEW DESIGN TEAM MEMBERS!!
Since I have been back from Melb. I have been sooooo busy working it's been difficult to get some spare time to blog.

It hasn't been ALL work though!

Of course last weekend was the Footy Grand Final, and we were going to spend it quietly at home watching on TV, then we had a couple calls from family & friends to watch with us! It was fun, because we had some barricking for Geelong & some for the Saints.... it was a close game right to the end.... which always makes it more fun!

I have managed to do a few more scrapping Layouts
The first one I scrapped of Ryarne: I didn't do it for any challenge.... I just felt like it!! LOLI just love it!!!!!!!
This next LO is for Bon's Sept Write Now Challenge: (lots of journalling) SPRING...
a photo you have of someone doing something outdoors (being Spring!!)
1. Curved edges
2. At least 3 Alphas
3. Bling (from Bon's)
I wanted to use 3 photos I had of when we installed our NEW POND, so I layered them on cardstock that you 'flip over' to read the journalling
I also used Glimmermist from Bon's... I have been hanging out to use it!!!

This is the last page..... I also wanted to use up some of my Buzz & Bloom products (the flowers & bee) & I love using rubons!!!

Ok, I'm off to check out Bon's, then off to bed.... another 3am start.....Oh my goodness.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome 'Ryarne Divya'

Born 2.02am, 16/9/09, and weighed 8lb 6ozs....These photos were taken today (1 day old)
Harmony LOVES her new sister..... as you can tell

I love this photo....Ryarne looks like she is REALLY smiling...LOL

She is a really good baby.... Charmane is able to feed her herself....which is fantastic!!!!

Ashan is a great Dad... he gave Ryarne her first bath today.... sooo cute!!! More photos are coming.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Have you checked

out the 123 Challenge for the month of September? It's a good one!

Here is my LO
I did this LO today at Charmane & Ashans...... we are waiting for my new grandchild (actually due on the 9/9/09..BUT it didn't happen!!!

While I have been here, I have been tidying and re-arranging the kids rooms, laundry and even the lounge room!!

It's been fun, and know Charmane really appreciates the help ATM!! LOL

It hasn't been all work... we have also been shopping LOL

I brought one of the 1.5mt Fat-Az Bean Bags I make for an early Christmas present, and they couldn't wait to buy the beans to fill it and use straight away.
We also got a bargain PortaCot for bubby, which Ashan & I had the 'pleasure' of putting together.That was FUN...not LOL

Look at Harmony's face.... not impressed until we put the mobile on...hehehe

This morning I vacuumed & washed the floors, then afterwards Charmane and I went for a long walk to the shops.

We have been hanging out to scrap and I ended up doing 2 LO's and started a mini album of Bon's Scraps Retreat. YAY!!! Charmane did 2 LO's as well as another started. We're pretty pleased with that!

Till next time.....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stunning Photographer in Melbourne

Need a photographer who can capture those special moments?????

Check it out here.

Check This Out Scrappers!!! Blog Candy!!!

Jodi & Stu are celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary, so Jodi is GIVING AWAY  a HUGE stash of goodies!!! Yummo!!!!

Go check it out on Facebook

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another one of THOSE weeks!!!

Yep, all work and no play!!!!

I have tried to start my entries to Bons Scraps DT Comp, but alas, I have lacked both time and the energy!! I can't function when I have to start work at 3am in the mornings, and then have to go and do private cleaning jobs as well!! So "MY TIME" has to be put on the back burner.I've just got back from a holiday 2 weeks ago and I'm already needing another one!

Not long till my new Grand daughter is born!!!! I am so excited, it will be strange with a new born in the family again. I have bought a couple of cute little romper suits and can't wait to see her in them. Really looking forward to going back to Melb for a visit and catch up with Bon and the girls.

Well I must be going......... I have a list of jobs to do around the house as long as my arm that I need to catch up on.

Till next time.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bon's Scraps DT Comp Application

"Bon's Scraps DT Comp will commence on Monday 24th August!
If you are interested in applying make sure your name is in the DT registration thread here:
First and foremost forum interaction is a big part of being on the DT...
Whilst the competition is running please try to interact on the forum the amount that you would usually...
There will be 2 spots up for grabs each with a 2 month trial leading to a 12 month contract.
The comp will run for 4 rounds.
If you make the design team you will receive an exclusive monthly kit and also a store discount, in exchange you will create an average of 3 set pages a month.
Full Design Team expectations will be posted shortly."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scrap LO's

I have really caught the SCRAP BUG!!!!!!

I did Charm's Class at Scrapbooking Top 50 last Friday night.


I enjoyed it sooooo much, I hunted around in my stash for similar PP and voila I did another page that night.


2 LO's in one night is awesome!!!

Then Saturday I started this LO of me at the Salvador Dali (Liquid Desire) Exhibition. Can you see the ants???? I got the idea when I was doing a cleaning job Sunday morning. I saw an oil painting of ants crawling towards a piece of food. I love this LO!


Ok, you'd think I had got scrapping out of my system by then?

But NO!!!!!!

This is one I did for Bon's Travel Challenge and Stuck Sketches, called 'Scrap Therapy at Bon's Scraps Retreat'


THEN this one after that!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not a really good photo, because I have transparencies on it. This one I have tried to give the impression Charm & I are standing outside the exibition & you can see one of Dali's paintings inside. I used 'old worlde' type transparencies and modern painting together, because Dali was so way ahead of his time in the art world.

Ok, I'm off to do some 'housey' stuff, then start work on my next scrap project (don't know yet what it is). Tonight Sandie Mallon is teaching an Online Class at Bon's. Maybe I'll 'see' you there.

Go check it out.

Sandies Online Class Aug 2009

Sunday 16th August 2009

I was playing 'TOURIST GUIDE'  for my gorgeous DIL to be (one day), her Mum and friend from the Barossa. It was cold, wet, but we had great time, driving around the Blue Lake, Ewens Ponds and Port MacDonnell, where we stopped for coffee at Periwinkles.

It hailed a few times on our travels.

We had great time chatting about kids, scrapping, photography, HAVING TO GO BACK TO WORK, and everything else in between all afternoon.

Kels' mum had a wicked camera!!! So she was snapping away, (I hope to get to see them one day)

Kel and me.