Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Week-end is over.

I know my blog is very ordinary atm, I am slowly adding gadgets to it, please be patient with me.
So much to do, so little time lol!!

Well another week-end is over! How quickly they go by. I managed to complete the Blind Challenge from Bon's Scraps today, I love how it turned out. I promise to add a pic soon to show you.

I have also been collecting the challenges to do printing & pasting them in an old journal, so I can look back & get some inspiration when I'm lacking mojo. (I'll put a pic of the journal on here to)

No riding this week-end too cold!!! Stayed inside the whole week-end. I made about 4 dozen pies on Sunday with my Sunbeam 4 pie maker/ I made chicken curry, plain beef, beef & mushroom, apple & spaghetti bolognaise pies. (I know weird, but yummy)

Ok, I'm going to try to 'pimp' this blog a little.... hopefully!!

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