Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scrap To The MAX!!

Well I'm trying to anyway.!!!

WooHoo I have Comments at last. Don't ask me what I did to change my settings, I just kept clicking anything I thought might help. LOL

I've managed 1 LO today for Scrapbooking From Scratch June Sketch Challenge.

I couldn't help myself I wanted put a piece of Paper Napkins on my page.

I had fun doing this LO. It helps to have a sketch to start you off.

The next project I have to start thinking about is an 'album' for my Step-Daughters' 21st.........hmmm I have just over a week to do it!!!! AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh and I haven't got all the photos printed yet either!!!!!!!

Why do I put myself under so much pressure? I'll give it a go anyway.

Meanwhile, Tues 30th June is Bon's CC. Can't miss that one! Should be good.

Oh yes! I'm off to do some more Blog Hopping. YAY!

Hope to see you online sometime.

Cheers Bronnyk


Kerry said...

YAy bronnbie - comments are fixed :) I love the storage boxes and Lo share too ;)

Bree said...

Love your layout Bronny :) Some napkins a re so beautiful they need to be used dreatively!! Your storage boxes look fab!! Good luck with the 21st Album :)

Kerry said...

Hi Bronny, thanke for visiting my blog. I love your layout, it is just so elegant.

Renae D* said...

i love this LO...thanks for visiting my soon.