Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I have really tried hard to do some Blog Hopping, but LIFE gets in the way! Or should I say work gets in the way hahaha!

I have finally finished my storage boxes!

Wanna see them?

I just LOVE the gorgeous paper Napkins I found!!!

Now I need to find all my Bits and Pieces, sort them and store them!!

It's nice to finally clear the table off. I really shouldn't have done so many at a time, it seem to take forever!!! But I love the results.

Let me know if I have inspired you to give it a try.

Cheers Bronnyk


Anonymous said...

WOW these are amazing!!!

YAY! I can finally comment!!! Youve been blogging up a storm!!! So glad you are back into scrapping :)

Chat soon!

Love Charmane

bon said...

love the boxes they look great!!
looking forward to seeing some fab pages with all the gorgeous product you've been buying :)

Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

Heh Bronny

The Boxes are awesome and all those gorgeous papers NICE. Love how you have extras for the kids to put their artwork etc in.

Your garden is pure serenity, it looks so peaceful.

Looking forward to meeting you at the retreat YIPPEE, not long now xx

Lisa said...

wow they look you cant wait to fill them...great idea for the grandkids too,bet they'll love them...

marijana said...

WOW they look great!!!!
bet the kids will love them too :)


Erika said...

They are awesome!!!!

I love paper napkins. I have used them on layouts.

I'm pleased I can leave you some love now.