Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thought about it

for a second then changed our minds about going for a ride, too windy. Although Fred went for a ride on MY bike while I went to the gym!!!!

I can’t wait to go for a ride & put some more photos on the blog..…..Just for Steve. LOL

I haven’t scrapped all week! I have a partly started Lay Out on the table, but it’s been another one of THOSE weeks again. Next week is not going to be any better. I have a couple extra private jobs and of course my regular job from 5am-9am. I always (well almost) make time to go to the gym. It’s my THERAPY!

Today I spent most of my day here on the computer sorting photos into folders & typing up invoices ready for the end of the month. Yeah I know bit early, but I have to start thinking about getting my butt into gear for the retreat in 20 days time!!!!! Woo Hooo I will also be spending a few extra days with my daughter after the retreat as well, and I am really excited as I haven’t seen her  and the grandys for ages.

Ok bit more to get done on here then off to bed, up @ 4am. Oh brother!!!!

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Jodi said...

Hi Bronny!!!
Great to see you again!!! LOL
I tell you, I dont know when i am going to stop being nervous about riding!!! Honestly i get shit scared!! I now have to wear an ipod so i am not seeing myself dead on the side of the road all the time!! Does it ever get easier???? LOL
How long you been riding for?
I went for a ride today by myself.. for the first time since i dropped it!!! Around town and out a bit!! Whats your email address? mine is
Talk soon JOdi