Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another one of THOSE weeks!!!

Yep, all work and no play!!!!

I have tried to start my entries to Bons Scraps DT Comp, but alas, I have lacked both time and the energy!! I can't function when I have to start work at 3am in the mornings, and then have to go and do private cleaning jobs as well!! So "MY TIME" has to be put on the back burner.I've just got back from a holiday 2 weeks ago and I'm already needing another one!

Not long till my new Grand daughter is born!!!! I am so excited, it will be strange with a new born in the family again. I have bought a couple of cute little romper suits and can't wait to see her in them. Really looking forward to going back to Melb for a visit and catch up with Bon and the girls.

Well I must be going......... I have a list of jobs to do around the house as long as my arm that I need to catch up on.

Till next time.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bon's Scraps DT Comp Application

"Bon's Scraps DT Comp will commence on Monday 24th August!
If you are interested in applying make sure your name is in the DT registration thread here:
First and foremost forum interaction is a big part of being on the DT...
Whilst the competition is running please try to interact on the forum the amount that you would usually...
There will be 2 spots up for grabs each with a 2 month trial leading to a 12 month contract.
The comp will run for 4 rounds.
If you make the design team you will receive an exclusive monthly kit and also a store discount, in exchange you will create an average of 3 set pages a month.
Full Design Team expectations will be posted shortly."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scrap LO's

I have really caught the SCRAP BUG!!!!!!

I did Charm's Class at Scrapbooking Top 50 last Friday night.


I enjoyed it sooooo much, I hunted around in my stash for similar PP and voila I did another page that night.


2 LO's in one night is awesome!!!

Then Saturday I started this LO of me at the Salvador Dali (Liquid Desire) Exhibition. Can you see the ants???? I got the idea when I was doing a cleaning job Sunday morning. I saw an oil painting of ants crawling towards a piece of food. I love this LO!


Ok, you'd think I had got scrapping out of my system by then?

But NO!!!!!!

This is one I did for Bon's Travel Challenge and Stuck Sketches, called 'Scrap Therapy at Bon's Scraps Retreat'


THEN this one after that!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not a really good photo, because I have transparencies on it. This one I have tried to give the impression Charm & I are standing outside the exibition & you can see one of Dali's paintings inside. I used 'old worlde' type transparencies and modern painting together, because Dali was so way ahead of his time in the art world.

Ok, I'm off to do some 'housey' stuff, then start work on my next scrap project (don't know yet what it is). Tonight Sandie Mallon is teaching an Online Class at Bon's. Maybe I'll 'see' you there.

Go check it out.

Sandies Online Class Aug 2009

Sunday 16th August 2009

I was playing 'TOURIST GUIDE'  for my gorgeous DIL to be (one day), her Mum and friend from the Barossa. It was cold, wet, but we had great time, driving around the Blue Lake, Ewens Ponds and Port MacDonnell, where we stopped for coffee at Periwinkles.

It hailed a few times on our travels.

We had great time chatting about kids, scrapping, photography, HAVING TO GO BACK TO WORK, and everything else in between all afternoon.

Kels' mum had a wicked camera!!! So she was snapping away, (I hope to get to see them one day)

Kel and me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!

Well I got home at 7.30pm on Wed12th Aug, after a long train/bus ride from Melb.
While I was away I got a surprise package from a Top 50 Challenge in June. I am stoked!!!
Lots of Xmas goodies in there. No excuses not to do a Xmas Challenge now?


Bon's Scraps DT
Pj, Sandie, Bon, Tam and Charm
The Venue for Bon's Scrap Retreat was just so relaxing, beautiful surroundings and I met the most fantastic group of of girls!!!

We scrapped morning, noon and night.

It was so nice just to go have breakfast, lunch or dinner and not have to cook or do ANY dishes.


This is Charmane's Class Room upstairs from the Group Scrapping area.

This one of my Lay Outs.

I did 7 class LO's and 3 extra LO's, in one week-end.

I loved every minute of it
Tam's Class

More LO's

Finally the Retreat had to end. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Charmanes' to spend a few extra days, chilling out?????????

Well kinda!!

The house needed a BIT of a tidy up, so I got Harmony to give me a hand.

Once she started cleaning, we couldn't stop here!! She is a cleanaholic!!!!

(That's not a bad thing) LOL
Of ccourse she had to dress for the occasion with her new headband and flower clip. Hehehe

They put on a farewell BBQ wth Sri Lankan friends the night before I had to leave. The food was absolutely delish!!!

The morning I left we also went to see the SALVADOR DALI - Liquid Exhibition. Harmony came with us and she was soooooo good.

We enjoyed the exhibition so much I ALMOST missed my train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With only mins to spare.
(both Charmane & I wouldn't have minded if I did LOL)

We had such a great time being together, mother and daughter sharing the things we love, FAMILY and SCRAPPING!!!

I had a HUGE case which weighed a tonne and of course my scrap tote, full of goodies from Bon's Retreat Shop!!

I was buggered when I got on the train, dragging both bags at top speed!

I bet you're wondering why the photo of size 8 jeans??

WELLL after ALL that delish food at the retreat and the BBQ and a Take-Away, I weighed myself, reached my goal, so I bought myself 2 pairs of jeans!!!!
(I only had size 10's and 12's and they were just about falling off of me)


Now back to the ol' routine hey???

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time to start packing. WooHooo

Yep, I started packing my scrap tote & my suitcase today ready for Bon's Scraps Retreat next week-end.
I've been busy searching for photos to scrap the past few days, but I can't seem to find any I really like.
I am really looking forward to meeting all the girls I've met on the forum at Bons. We are going to have a ball. Someone is bringing the Singstar and one of the girls is bringing the Wii. That should be fun!!
I hear you say " it's a scrapping week-end isn't it?"
Yes we will be scrapping, one class Friday night, 3 on Saturday and one on Sunday!!!!
I hope to learn heaps at the retreat.

I have finished sorting my photos and have them all put into albums. PHEW!!!! What a job, but it's all done now. Of course I have probably twice as many on the external hard drive & discs that I haven't printed yet (some are not worth printing LOL)
I have also started collating them into year categories now, I think it's much better than into events etc.
So, from now on everything gets saved into dates and then the best photos get printed!!!! OK, that's what I am going to do from now on!!!

TOMORROW 3rd August (What ALREADY????)
I have a lot to do before we leave early Tuesday morning, after I finish work in the morning I'm getting my hair done, then tidy the house, catch up with the washing, go to the gym, and finish packing.

Ok, I'll just go check out the forum again to catch up with the latest gos and head off to bed. Big day tomorrow.