Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another one of THOSE weeks!!!

Yep, all work and no play!!!!

I have tried to start my entries to Bons Scraps DT Comp, but alas, I have lacked both time and the energy!! I can't function when I have to start work at 3am in the mornings, and then have to go and do private cleaning jobs as well!! So "MY TIME" has to be put on the back burner.I've just got back from a holiday 2 weeks ago and I'm already needing another one!

Not long till my new Grand daughter is born!!!! I am so excited, it will be strange with a new born in the family again. I have bought a couple of cute little romper suits and can't wait to see her in them. Really looking forward to going back to Melb for a visit and catch up with Bon and the girls.

Well I must be going......... I have a list of jobs to do around the house as long as my arm that I need to catch up on.

Till next time.....

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