Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time to start packing. WooHooo

Yep, I started packing my scrap tote & my suitcase today ready for Bon's Scraps Retreat next week-end.
I've been busy searching for photos to scrap the past few days, but I can't seem to find any I really like.
I am really looking forward to meeting all the girls I've met on the forum at Bons. We are going to have a ball. Someone is bringing the Singstar and one of the girls is bringing the Wii. That should be fun!!
I hear you say " it's a scrapping week-end isn't it?"
Yes we will be scrapping, one class Friday night, 3 on Saturday and one on Sunday!!!!
I hope to learn heaps at the retreat.

I have finished sorting my photos and have them all put into albums. PHEW!!!! What a job, but it's all done now. Of course I have probably twice as many on the external hard drive & discs that I haven't printed yet (some are not worth printing LOL)
I have also started collating them into year categories now, I think it's much better than into events etc.
So, from now on everything gets saved into dates and then the best photos get printed!!!! OK, that's what I am going to do from now on!!!

TOMORROW 3rd August (What ALREADY????)
I have a lot to do before we leave early Tuesday morning, after I finish work in the morning I'm getting my hair done, then tidy the house, catch up with the washing, go to the gym, and finish packing.

Ok, I'll just go check out the forum again to catch up with the latest gos and head off to bed. Big day tomorrow.

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Sue said...

Have a ball Bronny! Can't wait to see your creations posted up here when you get back!