Friday, September 11, 2009

Have you checked

out the 123 Challenge for the month of September? It's a good one!

Here is my LO
I did this LO today at Charmane & Ashans...... we are waiting for my new grandchild (actually due on the 9/9/09..BUT it didn't happen!!!

While I have been here, I have been tidying and re-arranging the kids rooms, laundry and even the lounge room!!

It's been fun, and know Charmane really appreciates the help ATM!! LOL

It hasn't been all work... we have also been shopping LOL

I brought one of the 1.5mt Fat-Az Bean Bags I make for an early Christmas present, and they couldn't wait to buy the beans to fill it and use straight away.
We also got a bargain PortaCot for bubby, which Ashan & I had the 'pleasure' of putting together.That was FUN...not LOL

Look at Harmony's face.... not impressed until we put the mobile on...hehehe

This morning I vacuumed & washed the floors, then afterwards Charmane and I went for a long walk to the shops.

We have been hanging out to scrap and I ended up doing 2 LO's and started a mini album of Bon's Scraps Retreat. YAY!!! Charmane did 2 LO's as well as another started. We're pretty pleased with that!

Till next time.....

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Megan Leslie from Bon's said...

Yay Bronny!! what a wonderful Mum!!