Monday, November 30, 2009

I really should....

blog more often!!!
So much has happened since the last post...

Firstly, 3rd December is International Day for People with a Disability and a really sweet and extremely talented friend from Bons Scraps is teaching a Class to help raise funds for a Sensory Room at her sons' Primary School. If you haven't scrapped for awhile or need some inspiration join here.. Class with Giovanna Scott ... Gigi is a hoot too!!! LOL

Next...still on scrapping...

I Luuuurve the Challenges at Bons....... here are some Lay Outs I did for November
A close-up of my paper flower and hearts......
This LO is of an OTP I did of my Drivers Licences and significant events of each year....

I love this one!!!

A close-up!!

and I looooove this one too!!!! LOL This one is for the 123 Challenge/Stuck Sketches Challenges

ON THE WEEKEND 27th Nov- 29th Nov

I finally got to have 2 days off!!! I have been working 6 days a week, working 3am starts m-f and Sundays 5am-10am.......... and in need of some R & R!!!!

DH and I left for Adelaide Friday afternoon and we took in turns driving (we were both so tired, we even had a nap on the way...LOL not while we drove), had a bite to eat & I fell asleep around 8.30pm!!!

Saturday morning we drove to Gawler to visit my Mum and Step Dad..... it was soooo good to catch up with them...Mum and I love chatting about crafts and she needed help with her laptop....oh I wish she would get the Internet connected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unfortunately we could only stay a few hours......and then visit my Aunty & Uncle on the way to catch up with my Dad.

My Dad had a Pace-maker Operation 2 weeks ago and I haven't been able to visit him till the week-end.... he was soooo thrilled to see me and I am glad he was feeling much, much better....very scary there for awhile!!!

This week back to the grind stone!!! I need to get some photos printed and I'm looking forward to getting my Boy & Girl Kit from Bons in the next week...yippeee!!!

Oh by the way, go chack out Bon's Clearance, great bargains in there and why not check out the What's New Products in Store....mmmmmmmmmmm........noice!!!

Some EXCITING NEWS, we're getting a Rev Cycle Air Con put in tomorrow!!! Wooohooo!!!! Pity we couldn't get it when we had that heat wave we had a couple weeks ago LOL.... oh well... we'll be ready for the next one!!!

Till next time

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something to share....

I have been scrapping again....... yay....... it's very relaxing.... & lots of fun being creative!! LOL

Here's a close up of a LO I finished yesterday.

And this LO I did on the week-end. I haven't scrapped for awhile, must be at least a month!!!!

This pic is a Challenge "Out Of My Kitchen Window" from Bons Scraps November CC

I love this challenge.. prompts you to take more photos... then we can create another scrapping masterpiece!!!

I wonder what our Challenge prompt will be for tomorrow???


Woop Woop!!!! Hurry get your BINGO numbers in!!!!

Visit Bon's Scraps to join in this months AWESOME Scrapping Challenges.

If you haven't already - go and check out Bon's November Cybercrop forum.... lots happening tonight and for the whole week!!!

Charm will be announcing a Challenge, and they're also doing the Photography Challenge again, along with some blog-hopping - go and add your blog to the list!!!

Lots of fantastic prizes and fun to be had!

Hope to see you there :)

8:30- Bon's colour challenge
8:45- ? challenge
9:05- bingo
9:30- ? challenge
9:45- DT Challenge


Monday, November 9, 2009

I can't believe it's only 45 days to Christmas!!!

What are you doing for Christmas? Staying home or going away?

I haven't got a clue what we are doing this year. I can't be bothered really..... it's ALL TOO HARD to please EVERYONE!!!! I have been disappointed soo many times with Christmas get togethers....DRAMA... always DRAMA!!!

One of my favourite Christmas was when DH and I went to stay (camping) at Beachport. We had a BBQ on XMAS DAy & it was the BEST I ever had..... and then we just vegged out!!!!!!! HHHmmm .. my kinda Xmas Celebrations!!!
Don't get me wrong....I love to see my kids & family......... but somehow..... it's not like it used to be when I was a kid.... maybe because I HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS!!!!

I haven't blogged in a while... I have moved 2 rooms around, so now I have a Scraproom & an Office!!! We had a Garage Sale 2 w/ends ago to sell some of our unwanted treasures...LOL...I still need to get another power point put in my scraproom though.

It's been really hot here...well for us it's hot!!!

We are on the countdown now..... we are getting a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner installed on the 1st Dec WooooHooooooo!!!! Can't wait!!! Last night we had to sleep with the fan going!!!

Here is a couple of photos of my gorgeous new grand-daughter sleeping. Isn't she cute???

Sunday 7th November
After I finished work 5am-10am... we decided it was time to get the bikes out go for a ride.... Beachport sounded nice! Oh it was fairly hot especially when you stop.

I ended up stopping (not of my own will) right in the middle of Mt Burr.... cough...splutter.... What the??? Can't be out of petrol? DH said it was full when we left???
Oh no it wasn't full??? Hmmmmmm... next time I will check it myself!!!! So switched it over to RESERVE, then filled up in Millicent.... then away we went to Beachport.... as we got closer to the sea, the air was cooler & man it was MAGIC!!!!! I loved it!!!!

A guy on bike was coming the other way & gave us the BIGGEST wave I have ever seen..... He must've been glad to be on his bike!!! LOL.... that made me smile & think how lucky I am to be able to ride a motorbike... feel the FREEDOM!!!!

I don't know what it is? We don't stay long when we get to our destination usually, and this was no exception. I think it's because we can't wait to get back on the bikes LOL.... We arrived home around 3.30pm...... my neck was starting pinch a bit, which is frustrating, I love to keep riding, but my neck really hurts if I don't stop for a break every so often!!!

Well, now that we have finally got back on the bikes after the long wet winter, I bet we go out a lot more from now on!

I am looking forward to the Annual Christmas Run...... from Penola to Mt Gambier.......can't be too far away..... this will be my first ride with a big group.... eeekkkkk.... I must warn everyone to give me lots of room..LOL