Saturday, January 23, 2010

GET YOUR GAME ON - register now!!!

so we thought wouldn't it be great to have two weeks worth of fun and games and challenges while Bon is away on holidays having FUN with Sandie and the WA girls.... we didn't want it to be QUIET here - so lets PARTAYYYY!!!!

there will be chances to gain points through numerous activities during the time Bon is away....

* put up your post tally at the start of the comp - you will receive 5 points for every 100 posts you make

* every Bon's Challenge layout you create during Game On will receive 5 points

* you will receive 1 point for participation when joining games, challenges etc, winners will receive 5 points

Don't feel you have to do EVERYTHING...... but the more the merrier!!!! Anyway.... you may get more of your pics scrapped with some of the awesome challenges and inspiration!!!!!

we will be having scrap n chat nights, bingo, blog-hopping, photography & random challenges - all sorts!!! so make sure you REGISTER for it!!!

ps challenge one has something to do with another blog-train - come and join us!!!

TOOT TOOT!!!!!!!!!!

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Marelle said...

Hi Bronny love your blog honey!!