Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anytime is a good time for a

BBQ..................and it's drizzling rain HaHaHa...Oh well!!!

Our new kettle BBQ......
Hopefully I can take a photo when the roast is cooked, but it might be dark by the time it ready!!!! lol

I had a great night last night scrapping. I finished 2 LOs for Bons Scraps March CC Challenges.

This is Bons Colour Challenge: red, Red, RED!!!!!! BLACK, white and a smidgin of ORANGE!!

*MONOGRAM and the word PRICELESS!!

I LOVE paint!!! and stamps!!!

Here is the next challenge... Charm's Scraplift Challenge......we had to choose 5 things that we were inspired by to use on our LOs...The lift is actually a LO I did a few weeks ago using the circle chipboard from Bons March Kit......Charm challenged us to use 5 things we were inspired by from the LO.
I chose chipboard circles, glimmermist splatters, kraft CS, stamps and 2 photos.

The little spanners actually come from the BBQ...which we had to put together ourselves. I couldn't resist putting them on this LO.
If you look really closely you can see I spelled broken wrong....ooops....all fixed now.

I love texture and dimension on my LOs. I used chipboard circles and glued hessian on them, leaving a frayed edge....oh and the little pocket for the spanners is..........yep you guessed it.....a toilet roll covered in PP!!!!

So here's my original LO

I am hoping to get a start on Skyes Sketch Challenge next....... I have a week to by next Tues 30th March!!!

Ok i'm going go check out the roast.........

Thanks for visiting.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have a toilet roll fetish............and this is what has happened......

If you had been to Bons Cybercrop last night you would know what I was talking about.....LOL.....

I happen to be working on a little project using Toilet Rolls... and suggested that the Design Team should use it on their Challenge........LOL  WELL!!!!! I think it freaked them out!!!! Here is what I did for the March Sketch Challenge...

 Can you see the Journal Tag? I covered a flattened toilet roll and covered with PP and tied ribbon around.

Perfect pocket for journal tags and other memorabillia....

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL............ 

I sanded each flattened toilet roll, mixed some colours and painted the rolls. I stamped the back, cut pieces of PP and glued to the front for my stamped titles, and inked the edges.
I used Pritt to glue one edge shut and made journal tags to fit....

I then painted a 4 x 4in mini canvas the same colour as the toilet roll pockets, stamped and inked the edges and decorated with buttons. 12 fit in perfectly!!! Voila!!!! A CALENDAR!!! I am writing the family Birthdays on the Journal Tags.

I glued a piece of ribbon on the inside of the frame and cut a piece of PP to cover it looks neat and tidy.

Here is another 'Frame Box' which I glued some gorgeous yarn around the top...... I feel more toilet roll pockets are going to be made VERY soon ....LOL........

I am certainly using more toilet rolls for future ideas ........ I'll BRB........just going to the LOO!!!!!!!

Thanks for Looking

Cheeers Bronnyk

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


(Image courtesy of Miss Flis, via Gigi)

How EXCITEMENT!!! I have been looking forward to it ALL day!

So get your skates on......

BINGO...... 2 CHALLENGES........

and of course the Blog Train and Photography Challenge run ALL WEEK!!!

Hope to see you there tonight!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photography Challenge for Bons CC starts 23 March 2010

If you've never joined in on the Photography Challenge here's what we do>>>

Each day you will need to upload a photo you take ON THAT DAY.... we will be giving you a prompt the night before so that you can have a think about what you might want to take a photo of....

for example.... Wednesday's Photo Prompt is SUMMER SHOES.... so on Wednesday we want you to go take a pic of a pair of Summer Shoes - but remember it's a Photography Challenge so we want to see creativity, great focus, different angles, something that will stand out and maybe give you more chance of more votes! It can be just for fun and a great way of taking photos that you wouldn't normally take and something you can scrap about too!

you MUST upload your photo by midnight THAT night, because the next day we will be putting up a poll for everyone to vote for their favourite photos.... don't worry if you miss out on a day here or there, you can join in when you can, but obviously joining everyday means more votes for you and more chance of winning!

THE PRIZE IS: $10 Voucher to use at Bon's AND a whole heap of photos that you wouldn't have taken if you hadn't joined in!

I hope you join in and that you HAVE FUN with it!!!

Looking forward to all your fabulous photos!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bons Scraps CyberCrop - Tues 23rd March

How quickly time flies!!!  You've got to come and check this out!
Get your Bingo Words in here
Get the password for Chatzy, this is were we have lots of chat and catch up...LOL
Come and meet the friendly girls at Bons........ try a Challenge or two... and there are PRIZES of course!!!

3 hours earlier for Perth
1 hour earlier for QLD
30 mins earlier for SA...

8:45- Sketch Challenge
9:05- bingo
9:15- Scrap Lift challenge
9:30- DT Challenge


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I know......about time I updated!!!

for some reason updating my Blog takes FOREVER!!! Perhaps I should do it more often and it won't take soooooo long .....hahaha!

I have had a busy Feb and March and I was working from 3am for 7 and half hours a day (3am starts damn near killed me too, not doing that for awhile again either)

On the 15th March I went to visit my gorgeous daughter Charmane and family in Melb,. 10 fun filled days helping packing boxes, scrapping and a little Retail Therapy!!!!

YES packing!!! YAY!!! They are moving here to Mount Gambier.....and I am just a tad excited!!!
I am really looking forward to seeing Chei and Harmony at School and Kinder, and having lots more cuddles with Ryarne....she's so Cuggarly!!!

It didn't take me long to start the ball rolling with the packing. First thing to do was get some boxes.... and then a plan of action! Charm wanted to make a start in the kitchen first... we sorted, tossed and packed the stuff they really wouldn't need for the next few weeks...just kept the basics.

We celebrated Ryarne's Dedication

and also  Chei's 6th birthday with a BBQ and yummy cake on Sunday 7th.

Charm and I also went to Chinese to catch up with Bon, Mal and Mel for Dinner that night as well.....

Also in between packing etc I managed to do 7 LOs and I have 2 to finish at home.

A simple LO to start with

This LO I used the chipboard 'Five kids and a Dog' Die-cuts and the yummy Glimmermist from the March Boy and Girl Kits

I bought some new 'Rewind Collection' clear stamps from Kaisercraft that I was busting to use...hehe

here is more Glimmermisting and 'Five Kids and A Dog' chipboard die-cut 'circles'!

If you would like to see more visit my Gallery at Bons.........BTW.....there are some AWESOME talented scrappers in there too!!!

Go have a look at Bons Affordable Scrapbooking Supplies Store for more of these goodies.

Oh I musn't forget we went to see this -

in 3D!!!!!!!

I loved it!!

The animation and colours were superb!!!

Well that's enough for now.......come visit again soon............hopefully I will update a little more often.....LOL