Friday, March 19, 2010

Photography Challenge for Bons CC starts 23 March 2010

If you've never joined in on the Photography Challenge here's what we do>>>

Each day you will need to upload a photo you take ON THAT DAY.... we will be giving you a prompt the night before so that you can have a think about what you might want to take a photo of....

for example.... Wednesday's Photo Prompt is SUMMER SHOES.... so on Wednesday we want you to go take a pic of a pair of Summer Shoes - but remember it's a Photography Challenge so we want to see creativity, great focus, different angles, something that will stand out and maybe give you more chance of more votes! It can be just for fun and a great way of taking photos that you wouldn't normally take and something you can scrap about too!

you MUST upload your photo by midnight THAT night, because the next day we will be putting up a poll for everyone to vote for their favourite photos.... don't worry if you miss out on a day here or there, you can join in when you can, but obviously joining everyday means more votes for you and more chance of winning!

THE PRIZE IS: $10 Voucher to use at Bon's AND a whole heap of photos that you wouldn't have taken if you hadn't joined in!

I hope you join in and that you HAVE FUN with it!!!

Looking forward to all your fabulous photos!!!

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