Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sharing Time.....

Last Saturday morning 8th may, Charm and I met up with Catie, a fellow Scrapper from Naracoorte. We met online at Bons Scraps and finally got meet IRL!!!
It was bitterly cold, but it's nice to meet warm, friendly people!!! LOL We'll becatching up again this Sunday, when Catie hosts her Learning Ladder Party....which BTW Charm is the Consultant and showing us the fabulous Toys, Books, Puzzles and more....... really looking forward to it!

On Mothers' day Charm and family invited us for a lovely lunch, (Ashan made the Curry Chicken Sri Lankan style), rice, salad and Dahl...... and to top it off we had yummy Butterfly cakes for dessert....

I love this card I got from Charm.......
AND..........from the Grandies, I got a really, really pretty glasses chain....(which they bought from the School Mother's Day stall)......(I think Charm must have remembered me complaining about the old one I had)
and the best part is my glasses don't fall off!!!LOL

Thank you so much.....for a lovely day...MWAH!!!!!

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