Sunday, December 5, 2010

TICK, TICK, TICK................ Time is going so fast......

and I still haven't done any Christmas Shopping...... eeeeek!

So how is your Christmas Shopping going? Started? Finished?..... well I am not trying to stress out too much with the 'shopping' this year....... but I am sooooooooooo thrilled to have my daughter and partner and my 3 gorgeous, funny, grandchildren living here now, so we have the WHOLE FAMILY together again at last!!!

I DID put up our CHRISTMAS TREE today though!!! I think it looks gorgeous. I took a couple of photos with my mobile
I bought new decorations this year... and went for Bronze & Gold theme......

Pretty happy with it!
I'm disappointed I missed the Annual Toy Run yesterday . Local bike riders gather together at the Lakes in Mount Gambier with toys to be distributed amongst local needy children. It's my own fault ...... we had a work Dinner on Friday night, and I didn't get to bed till early in the was great weather for the bike Run and heard there was around 200 riders this year. I love the roar of the bikes when they do a little ride down the main street and the Old Folks Homes.... all with POLICE ESCORT!!! People have to stop and let all the bikes go through and everybody waves...... some riders even "dress up" in costumes..... the kids LOVE IT!!

As some of you may not know I also have a couple of businesses going, (besides working PT at the local Hospital in Theatre and Day Surgery).......

I'd love you to visit them both, leave a message and check out some great gift ideas!!!

KRAZEE KAPS, selling Scrub and Catering Hats and 

FATAZ BEAN BAGZ, selling 1.2mt, 1.5mt and 2mt round Bean Bags......... both have a "SHOP" on 

Facebook where you can place an order and purchase for immediate delivery!!! 

Thanks for visiting... leave a comment and I will pop in and visit you too sometime soon.


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