Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot, Flowers & Paint!

I bet you are wondering what does that mean?

Well, the last couple of days have been pretty darn hot here....the rest I will explain as we go along....... Saturday night I spent the evening with my daughter, a gorgeous scrap friend from Perth, whom I met online, and 2 other awesome local scrappers...... I didn't scrap, I grabbed some of my old PP and punched out flowers with some new flower punches, while chatting and laughing.....(I also managed get my youngest granddaughter to fall asleep in my arms......awwwww......cute)
The next day was another hot one, so I spent the afternoon & most of the evening making these:
In between makin these gorgeous flowers, I have been prepping pages for Art Journals........ I'm not a great one for adding much journalling to my LO's, so this may help me express myself in art form.... I love paints, mists and my favourite Modge Podge......
On the left is the a journal with paint background, but will add more to the page as I feel the urge..... and on the right is a small old 2008 diary I covered with torn book pages with modge podge, and the top of the photo of course, are some of the flowers I've made......I have been inspired by a few awesome people..... Gigi, Louise Nelson, and I also love Balzer Designs
I going to try to do something 'arty' everyday this month.... and hopefully some actual journalling..LOL...

Oops time has gotten away on me again...... off to go for an evening walk!


Charmane said...

scraps.... and rides..... a scooter heheh.... love your new it!!!
love your flowers mum xoxo and the aJ Love Charmane

Catie said...

The flowers are just gorgeous Bronny! Your art journal is looking fab! Good luck with the journalling... can't wait to see more pages xo

Bree said...

Great night Bronny :)
Love the flowers and I really love all your art journals! Looking forward to seeing how they progress through the year!

AngC said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Art journaling is heaps of fun hey? Yours is looking good so far!

sarah said...

Bronny its Sarah from CWC.
Love these flowers you have made!
Look forward to seeing them on some of your work