Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a month it has been!!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of floods and fires everywhere.... it is so sad to hear there are still people missing, my heart goes out to the family & freinds...... All those who have been helping clean up the debris ... YOU ALL DESERVE A MEDAL!!! I can only imagine how unpleasant it would be!

It's been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened since then.... NYE Party with friends was pretty tame, I took photos but they didn't turn out!

On the 2nd Jan DH & I went to Nelson Vic for a relaxing day on the Glenelg fishing..... a gorgeous day, the water was very dirty though (and it will be worse once the water comes down from the floods up north....

 I was thrilled that we bought AUSTSWIM Classes for 2 of our grandsons... 7 days...... and we had good weather up to the last day (bit drizzly).. but they really enjoyed it, and they improved from day 1!!! Next year they go to the BIG pool!!!

 That's Regan in the middle.

 Chei... and he LOVES putting his head under the water!!!!!!! Good job Chei!!!!!

 On the 8th Jan we went to a friends 50th Birthday Dinner at the Barn (Mount Gambier)..... and I could not resist taking a photo of my meal!!!!! It was to die for!!!! Surf & Turf....... compliments to the chef!

AND of course I have been back to work....BLAH!.... I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY enjoyed my 2 and a bit weeks off work over Christmas and NY....... stayed up late and slept in.........I am not an early morning person, so I struggle to get up in the mornings to start at 5am!!!! I know I really am lucky to even have a job.... so toughen up

Just before Christmas I swapped my Honda 600 motorbike for a Kawasaki 250...... and until today had only ridden it for about half an hour...... so today, the weather was perfect for riding!
We went Penola about half an hour north of Mt Gambier for lunch. I loved it so much I wanted to ride to Port MacDonnel, which about 20 mins south of Mt Gambier......I feel much happier on the Kwaka because now BOTH MY FEET touch the ground!!!

The sea was pretty calm, a bit of breeze and it wasn't cold (which it usually is)...... we arrived home around 3-30......
I have edited and printed photos already and hoping to do some scrapping in the next few days!!!!!

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Sue said...

Great pics Bronny, I lurve the new bike - very cool! (And yep, that surf & turf looked divine, it's one of my faves, there is a little bit of drool coming out of my mouth...LOL) XXX