Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have you been stalking me??????


Well if you have, I’m sorry but I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t had a chance to blog……

Last week end I was so enthused and started 2 Challenges from the Chat With Charm Forum and then all week has been a blur of early morning starts at work, visiting Charm, and I got hold of our computer guy on Monday afternoon, picked up our ‘broken’ desktop computer, found out what was wrong by 10pm that night!!! A fan had burnt out and melted over the graphics card….. I bought a new graphics card the next day and it was fixed by 1pm……!!!!!!!!

now that is AWESOME…….. except I wanted to change my scraproom and office tables/desks and put a bookshelf in my scrap room…. and it had to be done before he dropped the computer back!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAggghhhhhh……….. so I just threw stuff everywhere…. computer cords and desks and draws went flying……  anyway, long story short… all done, comp fixed, rooms finished!!!! I am now sitting here with a BIG desk so I can scrap with no crap on the desk…. Love the bookshelf…… I still want to get some funky storage boxes to put in it, and I still have a few bits to find a home for.

I’ll take some photos when it is all finished…

Yesterday I went shopping and bought a new door mat for the front door…



It’s now Sunday afternoon….. I kinda got side tracked and didn’t finish the blog from yesterday…..

I have been scrapping, albeit very slow, only one page WW1, it’s OK, but probably went off track a bit. Confused smile

I’m really looking forward to doing the SHE ART Class starting Monday….. Open-mouthed smile… love paints, inks, and grunge!!!! See how I go….

well, must go and start the next challenge… hmmmm 123 Challenge I think…. Catchya!

I will blog again real soon, have some exciting news to tell you and an awesome Give Away to tell you about!!


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Jodie said...

Lol... Love the mat Bronny!!
(aka Jodster)