Saturday, June 25, 2011

It’s about the ‘journey’…..

Everyone has different taste when it comes to art…. I like all kinds of art, and appreciate the effort and personal journey when creating….

I am writing this after a conversation yesterday, when someone made a comment about one of my ‘paintings’…. “They said they did that when they were in kindy”…. and in the same breathe said they can only draw stick figures….

Ok, so how do I feel about the comment?

As I am re-igniting my journey into art and beginning mixed media, I know my art isn’t Monet, or Roald Dahl, or any of the talented artists I admire. I am enjoying the process and the journey when I create, and most times I am happy with the end result anyway….. It’s about the peace, the joy, the and freedom when I create, not the end result all the time…..

So here is another I finished 2 days ago….. I know the nose is wrong, the angle, and other little things, but “I” created it, and “I” loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!!! And that is all that matters to ME!!!




I will continue my art and I am going to try lots of new mediums and techniques, and they will MASTERPIECES by ME!!!!!…lol



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm a tad EXCITED TO SHOW YOU......

.....the page I just created from the very talented Violette Clark Workshop called ‘Me and My Shadow’ for the 21 Secrets Workshop.
Here’s a sneak…

 another close-up

 WOW!!! I luuuurve this workshop!!!!
This was the first time I have used Copic pens, and they take some getting used to. I was disappointed with the black pen I was using, because it would ‘bleed’ every time I got close to it and made smudges all the time. I loved the feel of the pen, but disappointed about the smudging….gonna have to find another pen grrrrr!!!!
I love Violette Clark’s Art!!!!! so up my alley…. and I have been sketching more faces as well….. you’ll just have to wait till I take some pics….. bwahaha.

This weekend my Mum, sister and Niece are visiting for 3 days, so I don’t think I’ll get much Art Journaling done, but I’m sure we will have a great time catching up. Smile

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Perfect day to create…..

I created this page yesterday afternoon/evening at my daughters’ (Charm from Charms Creations and founder of Chat With Charm) home AND the gorgeous Kerry Murray!!!! A few glasses of wine and lots laugh and chatter!!




This page was inspired by Tamara Laporte’s Collage, Paint and Soul Workshop from 21 Secrets Workshop 

I had fun with the whole process, and I am anticipating doing more of them.

It has been raining most of today, and I was lucky I didn’t have to work, so I stayed in my jammies ALL DAY!!!!!!!

I have started another workshop from 21 Secrets Workshop, called Me and My Shadow from Violette Clark. I have learnt some more awesome techniques, and hope to finish at least one page tomorrow…

These workshops are EXACTLY what I have been needing to help me with my journaling and art! I am getting so much inspiration and learning to be BRAVE and FEARLESS with my creativity!

Thank you for visiting and take care.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have been PRODUCTIVE…… Art Journaling &

‘prepping’ lots of pages with paint and gesso in my 4 Journals!!!

Yes, 4 Journals….. I get so impatient waiting for paint & gesso to I have at least 1 journal to ‘play’ with!!

Oh and another canvas!! It’s 22cm x 31cms… 9ins x 12ins…

I LOVE this one!!!


Love is like wildflowers, it’s often found in the most unlikely places


I have added painted gauze, and used hot glue around 3 hearts, stamps, hessian and book paper.


Can you see the word ‘LOVE’ written with hot glue!!! Love it!!!

Now, some journal pages….


Love the effect I got here…. I wish you could see IRL, so much better.


I am really loving doodling ATM… and am practicing my hand-writing (I have never liked my own hand-writing on my Scrap pages, maybe I will from now on)…


The page was inspired by 21 Secrets Workshop…. Oh I have still sooooo many new things to try….hehehe


Do you know what I REALLY love doing when I don’t have any ‘projects’ happening???? I love to paste pictures, or paint pages with gesso ready for when my mojo kicks in…. it’s very relaxing, and I feel I am doing something constructive!


I thought I would show you this double page (an A4 old Diary)ready to work on…. not sure what I will do yet…. we’ll just have to wait and see eh?


Another old diary (6in x 8in), I love this size, great for a quick project, ready for doodling I reckon!!!!

I have a stack of pages from magazines prepped as well, so I have plenty to keep me out of mischief for a while…

in the mean time, keep warm, it’s been freezing here, and my thoughts are with the people in New Zealand with the horrible earthquakes, and far north NSW with the terrible floods… XXXX



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspired by….. 21 Secrets

….. Collage,Paint & Soul Workshop, by Tamara Laporte….

I went a bit (lot) off track, but I went with my instinct & here she is…..bit quirky….


I used paint, soft pastels, black permaball pen, and oil pastels.

A close up of one of the butterflies..


I’m pretty happy with her, I’ve never done a face before. Still might add some more details yet….

Another project I finished the other day is the Urban Layer Cake Workshop, by Tammy Garcia…. this was fun

I did 2 pages, one dark colours and one light colours… (just playing around)…. and practicing my doodling too..




Close up of my flower doodling..


My next project is the Mandala, Ingrid Murray’s Beautiful You, Radiant You Workshop, or maybe Silky Hart’s Paint Writing… hmmmm ….. Connie Hozvicka’s Abstract Adventure (love it)… and I have had a little play at Jane Davenport’s Painting Happy Workshop and also Alma Stoller Workshop, Child’s Play (which was so much fun and messy)…… oh, I don’t know, I love them all…LOL… if you are interested visit 21 Secrets to register..



NOW OPEN TILL JAN. 1, 2012!!!!

(registration closes October 1st!)



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Monday, June 6, 2011

Super Dooper EXCITED!!!

I loved SHE ART WORKSHOP….. I am loving the 3 HEARTS WORKSHOP……. and now…. I have joined 21 SECRETS WORKSHOP… oh my….. I am in ART HEAVEN!!!

I have painted/gesso/mod podged paper drying everywhere… and have so many ideas in my head, and so many techniques to try… my head is spinning… as a-matter-of-fact, I couldn’t sleep last night (and not sure if I will get to sleep straight away tonight either) Sad smile

Here are a couple of photos of what I have done recently…


This is inspiration from the 3 Hearts Workshop

I did image transfer of the word SHE… love my hearts Laughing out loud

and this a random page I did…



….. LOVE IT!!!!!

Ok….. don’t have anything else to show JUST YET!!!

It gets BETTER & BETTER!!!!