Saturday, June 25, 2011

It’s about the ‘journey’…..

Everyone has different taste when it comes to art…. I like all kinds of art, and appreciate the effort and personal journey when creating….

I am writing this after a conversation yesterday, when someone made a comment about one of my ‘paintings’…. “They said they did that when they were in kindy”…. and in the same breathe said they can only draw stick figures….

Ok, so how do I feel about the comment?

As I am re-igniting my journey into art and beginning mixed media, I know my art isn’t Monet, or Roald Dahl, or any of the talented artists I admire. I am enjoying the process and the journey when I create, and most times I am happy with the end result anyway….. It’s about the peace, the joy, the and freedom when I create, not the end result all the time…..

So here is another I finished 2 days ago….. I know the nose is wrong, the angle, and other little things, but “I” created it, and “I” loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!!! And that is all that matters to ME!!!




I will continue my art and I am going to try lots of new mediums and techniques, and they will MASTERPIECES by ME!!!!!…lol




Bree said...

Bronny I am so glad you are following your passion, you know what ART is not about angles and precision, it is about passion, life experiences, emotions....
You capture all those things beautifully in your work and your ART shines. I love what you do Bronny!!!

bronnyk said...

Thanks Bree.... it has been very enlightening to be able to express myself with art and art journaling Love you!!!!