Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another 2 Handmade Art Journals…

This one is for my eldest Grandson….. he loves drawing, so I hope he likes it…..


My aim is to use what I have in my stash, cardboard, watercolour paper, black rope…. I had some paper towel (I used to clean up acrylic paint), mod podged on the cardboard covers,  I used a few stamps and bubble wrap to add colour and texture. I then printed a font for Damon’s name and pasted to cardboard, and painted it black.

I did another one for myself, just using bits and pieces….. I really enjoy making these journals….



This time I added some ‘Bling’… my initials.


I have ‘Blank Page’ Syndrome ATM…. not sure what I will create in this journal….. I am doing a Self Paced Workshop from Willowing, and have done my first class sketch….. eeeek, I can see heaps of mistakes….. but it’s all a learning curve, and all I have to do is Practice, Practice, Practice!!! hahahaha….


Well, it’s off to the drawing board….

Thanks For Visiting…XXXX

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