Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I had a messy desk……

so I decided to use as much as I could to complete the outside cover of one of my journals……. first I glued a piece of calico to cover the back and front of the journal, and glued the first and last pages on top of the raw edges inside to neaten…


I used a canvas sheet (to glue on the front) and scraped some colours on the canvas with an old credit card and used paper towelling to blot dry. I Mod Podged a  piece of table napkin with a  nice picture onto the canvas, then sewed some strips of towelling paper and sewed zig zag and straight stitching around the edge of the canvas.


I glued a heart from patterned paper I had previously stitched with black embroidery thread (inspired by Christy Thomlinson Workshop) and ran the glue gun around the edge of the heart.


and glued some pictures I had printed I liked from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, music paper scraps and some stamping.


When I finished the canvas, I glued it to the front cover of my journal….. Love the end result!

Guess what?……. my desk is STILL MESSY!!!!

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Charmane said...

this looks cool Mum! I can't believe I missed this post!!! xoxo Charmane