Thursday, July 21, 2011

It’s sooooo damned COLD!!!!!

I’m not a big fan of Winter to say the least!!! I’ve been feeling a tad off-colour lately, tired ALL the time, I REALLY think it’s because I’m not getting enough Vitamin D (sunlight)…. I work in a Hospital, I sleep, and spend my time in my Studio everyday…… I haven’t even been to the gym over the last 3 or so weeks……..
Bring on Summer..PLEASE!!!…..
The ONLY good thing about Winter is It’s good to stay indoors and CREATE!!!!
I have found another NEW love….. BOOK BINDING!!! I have made 3 “Art Journals”, one each for my Grandkiddies (to practice), and they love LUUUURVE them! A great school holiday activity for them….
Silly me, didn’t take a photo of them completely finished with stamping and their names on them… (I’m having a sleep-over tomorrow night, so I’ll take some pics of their ART)
I have also made myself another ART JOURNAL, and ….. I LOVE IT!!!…… Thick and chunky, like a REAL BOOK!!
Talk about ‘RECYCLING’ lol…. I have used white cardboard  from work (perfect weight for paint) for the pages, leather strapping I had kept for years (I knew I would use it one The ‘perfect’ thread is out of date ‘suture’ thread that was going to be thrown out (I got a box full from work). The covers from an old Reader’s Digest.
I’m not sure what I will create in this book, but I am sooo proud of it!!! I have already had a request to make another one…. hehehe which I don’t mind….
I have also been ‘playing around’ with other stuff which I will show you soon… really different to what I am doing ATM… you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you?
Oh and I have done another art girl, just for fun (and I am REALLY hanging out to do some more)
12072011535I was prompted by the music title from an old music book (Leave Me Alone) and a picture of a girl in a magazine.. The sleeves are coloured scrunched up bits of paper towel…… to give it dimension.
12072011537Sometimes I feel like this…… not all the time…. only when I want to CREATE!!!! LOL…. you know what I mean.
I am patiently waiting for some goodies to arrive from England from Tamara Laporte Willowing, from 21 Secrets Workshop and from America from Mixed Media – Interweave… CAN’T WAIT!!!!……
and another WORKSHOP coming up with Christy Tomlinson “CREATIVE COLOUR: ART REDEFINED” a mini workshop a week long, with a project for each day…. looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and actually being more colour conscience when I am creating a page….
Ok, enough for now….. I am FINALLY getting warm with the heater cranked up, but sadly I must go back to work again this afternoon….. but on the upside after tomorrow, I have 2 days off…. tomorrow night I am having a sleepover  with my grandies, then taking another granson bowling on Saturday afternoon….. and HOPEFULLY some ‘ART’ sometime Saturday night Sunday…. WOOHOO (I am soooo over working 6 days a week, I have forgotten what it’s like to have a REAL week end)…..
Thanks for visiting… please leave a comment, and will come visit you to see what you have been up to…. xxxxx

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