Sunday, August 28, 2011

I thought I would share what I have been up to lately….

It’s been a busy couple of months… I ordered 4 DVD’s from Tamara Laporte, aka Willowing…. “Fabulous faces”, “Magical Mythical Makings”, “Ultimate World Of Whimsy”, and “Awesome Art Journal” Oh gosh… I lurve Tamara’s work…. I printed every PDF and stuck them all in an A4 diary, so now I can look through the book and get all inspired, and I love watching the DVD’s, they are so helpful….
08082011614Art Journal Cover08082011616080820116183007201160030072011601
Had a go at collage and paint…..
In the meantime, I had Christy Thomlinson’s 1 week Creative Colour Workshop. I am so glad I joined the workshop, Christy had some great ideas and I have used her tips already!!!
At the same time Carla Sonheim’s Dog Days Of Summer Camp, which consisted of 3 weeks, and entailed about 2 hours a day to complete each task.
1st week was Imaginary Creatures
Don’t you just {heart} them? LOL….
Second week, Faces 101,
Third and last week, Junk Mail Artist’s Book… which I really enjoyed….
I didn’t get ALL the assignments completed, but dabbled in everyone of them. Thank goodness Carla is leaving the videos and PDF’s available forever!!!
 Then, the gorgeous, talented, witty Gigi , Gist Creative had launched her first Mixed Media Canvas Workshop Video….. and of course, I knew I would learn something new from this gal!!! I did!!! I found out what pens to use on my canvases…and they work a treat!!! (I have nearly every black pen thanks Gigi! xxxxx (I love the canvas and am hoping to do mine very soon)
Then, I found a site called Doll Dreams, by Adriana Almanza, from Germany… lovely lady, and very, very talented artist and teacher. … I signed up for the Doll Dreams Basic Class…. I love the girls big eyes and pretty hair… I so want to be able to paint them!!
This my very first sketch…..
doll_sketch_1 and a second sketch….doll_sketch_2
Here I have pasted my first sketch in my Art Inspiration Journal…
This is the cover…. inspired by Adriana Almanza from Doll Dreams…..also in this journal I was inspired by Teesha Moore….
and another……
GOSH I love Teesha’s bright, funky pages!!!!!
Also inspired by Violette Clark
I ‘met’ her and many, many other talented artists when I did the Dirty Footprints… 21 Secrets Workshops…by Connie Hozvicka… (another gorgeous girl BTW!!!) I have to say that this has to be THE best value Workshop ever…. 21 Teachers and Workshops, and for about $59 I think it was! 
A few weeks ago I picked up another dozen 2010, A4 diaries for 15c each at K Mart!!! BARGAIN!!!….
….. and in between workshops I have been gessoing pages and painting background pages in my Art Journals.
I have several Art Journals going at the moment,
one for me to try different techniques,
one for inspiration from talented artists, where I paste my favourite pictures in,
another I made myself a while ago, is for favourite quotes,
another is a Yearly Visual Diary,
An A4 2011 Diary… Front Cover…. still want to put a title on
Inside first page…. I want to put journalling here explaining what the diary is about.
My months I have started for 2012… I will journal, doodle, stamp and collage as I go. This diary was inspired by Kathryn Wheel
another Journal is my “GRATEFUL’ Journal, (inspired by Goddess Leonie…. also from 21 Secrets Workshops)
I used watercolour paints and a sharpie… oh I made this journal too a few months ago…
Oh…. yes these came in the mail last week…..
Cloth Paper Scissors DVD’s 2004-2009….WooHoo!
The last few weeks I have had the flu and still haven’t shaken it off yet!!!. Then last week I was at work and hurt my back…. I didn’t think much of it at first, but after a few hours of mopping floors etc. I was in agony!!! I couldn’t wait to get home, and it got progressively worse. I went to Dr. and referred to a Physio 2 days later…Oh my, the pain!!! Even with anti inflammatories and pain killers!! It’s been 4 days now, and I am all taped up on my lower back which I have to leave on for 2 more days!
the house is starting to look like a pigsty, because I can’t bend, twist, lift or reach Sad smile
….. I am still trying to do little things, I don’t want to lose all movement!!
TFL…. and big hugs to my online friends who are having struggles in their lives…. XXXXXXXX