Sunday, August 28, 2011

I thought I would share what I have been up to lately….

It’s been a busy couple of months… I ordered 4 DVD’s from Tamara Laporte, aka Willowing…. “Fabulous faces”, “Magical Mythical Makings”, “Ultimate World Of Whimsy”, and “Awesome Art Journal” Oh gosh… I lurve Tamara’s work…. I printed every PDF and stuck them all in an A4 diary, so now I can look through the book and get all inspired, and I love watching the DVD’s, they are so helpful….
08082011614Art Journal Cover08082011616080820116183007201160030072011601
Had a go at collage and paint…..
In the meantime, I had Christy Thomlinson’s 1 week Creative Colour Workshop. I am so glad I joined the workshop, Christy had some great ideas and I have used her tips already!!!
At the same time Carla Sonheim’s Dog Days Of Summer Camp, which consisted of 3 weeks, and entailed about 2 hours a day to complete each task.
1st week was Imaginary Creatures
Don’t you just {heart} them? LOL….
Second week, Faces 101,
Third and last week, Junk Mail Artist’s Book… which I really enjoyed….
I didn’t get ALL the assignments completed, but dabbled in everyone of them. Thank goodness Carla is leaving the videos and PDF’s available forever!!!
 Then, the gorgeous, talented, witty Gigi , Gist Creative had launched her first Mixed Media Canvas Workshop Video….. and of course, I knew I would learn something new from this gal!!! I did!!! I found out what pens to use on my canvases…and they work a treat!!! (I have nearly every black pen thanks Gigi! xxxxx (I love the canvas and am hoping to do mine very soon)
Then, I found a site called Doll Dreams, by Adriana Almanza, from Germany… lovely lady, and very, very talented artist and teacher. … I signed up for the Doll Dreams Basic Class…. I love the girls big eyes and pretty hair… I so want to be able to paint them!!
This my very first sketch…..
doll_sketch_1 and a second sketch….doll_sketch_2
Here I have pasted my first sketch in my Art Inspiration Journal…
This is the cover…. inspired by Adriana Almanza from Doll Dreams…..also in this journal I was inspired by Teesha Moore….
and another……
GOSH I love Teesha’s bright, funky pages!!!!!
Also inspired by Violette Clark
I ‘met’ her and many, many other talented artists when I did the Dirty Footprints… 21 Secrets Workshops…by Connie Hozvicka… (another gorgeous girl BTW!!!) I have to say that this has to be THE best value Workshop ever…. 21 Teachers and Workshops, and for about $59 I think it was! 
A few weeks ago I picked up another dozen 2010, A4 diaries for 15c each at K Mart!!! BARGAIN!!!….
….. and in between workshops I have been gessoing pages and painting background pages in my Art Journals.
I have several Art Journals going at the moment,
one for me to try different techniques,
one for inspiration from talented artists, where I paste my favourite pictures in,
another I made myself a while ago, is for favourite quotes,
another is a Yearly Visual Diary,
An A4 2011 Diary… Front Cover…. still want to put a title on
Inside first page…. I want to put journalling here explaining what the diary is about.
My months I have started for 2012… I will journal, doodle, stamp and collage as I go. This diary was inspired by Kathryn Wheel
another Journal is my “GRATEFUL’ Journal, (inspired by Goddess Leonie…. also from 21 Secrets Workshops)
I used watercolour paints and a sharpie… oh I made this journal too a few months ago…
Oh…. yes these came in the mail last week…..
Cloth Paper Scissors DVD’s 2004-2009….WooHoo!
The last few weeks I have had the flu and still haven’t shaken it off yet!!!. Then last week I was at work and hurt my back…. I didn’t think much of it at first, but after a few hours of mopping floors etc. I was in agony!!! I couldn’t wait to get home, and it got progressively worse. I went to Dr. and referred to a Physio 2 days later…Oh my, the pain!!! Even with anti inflammatories and pain killers!! It’s been 4 days now, and I am all taped up on my lower back which I have to leave on for 2 more days!
the house is starting to look like a pigsty, because I can’t bend, twist, lift or reach Sad smile
….. I am still trying to do little things, I don’t want to lose all movement!!
TFL…. and big hugs to my online friends who are having struggles in their lives…. XXXXXXXX


Charmane said...

is that all you've done??? heheh.... it's sooooo good that you've found something that you love doing... everything you've done looks amazing!!! Looking forward to seeing more :) xoxo Charmane

raquel said...

wow! you have been very busy!!

Sue said...

WOW Bronny! Your work all looks amazing, you are SOOO talented! I LOVE all the different styles you have been trying out and all the different techniques you use, and especially your use of colour. (I would love to do some of these workshops you do, but unfortunately can't afford them...maybe one day!)
My only question for you is - when do you sleep??? LOL Hope your back is getting better, that must really be putting a dent in your creativity!
{{hugs}} to you! XXX