Monday, September 26, 2011


I have started the FREE WHIMSICAL WORK SPACES WORKSHOP already.... Anyone can join in… 4 weeks of inspiration and motivation!!!! Already there are hints and tips to help you get started on your own special work space… some of you may not have a designated area, and there are ideas for you too!!! I am very lucky to have a whole room…. I just need to utilize it better!


I’m heading off for a week-end retreat in a couple of weeks and I really needed to know what I want to take along..... LOL The timing of the WHIMSICAL WORK SPACES WORKSHOP was perfect timing for me!!!

I have sorted through paints, glues, brushes, alphas, embellishments, journals, ribbons, fabric…….. and still need to do more!! I thought I was going to throw/donate a lot of stuff, but really all I needed to do was sort and store it in a better user-friendly way…hahaha

I uploaded BEFORE photos on Flickr…. of my ‘STUDIO’ /Office /Sewing, Scrap Room… and in a few weeks time I’ll upload the AFTER photos… I hope to create a ‘SPECIAL SPACE’ for CREATIVITY and INSPIRATION…. my own little RETREAT from the stresses of work, and the daily grind!

Why not come and join me here?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have so many ARTISTS I admire lately…

and I am yet to find ‘my style’……. I was inspired by from The Secret Hermit….. I love her funky girls!!!!

I painted this one on a A4Canvas Sheet  ….


a close up of the face..hehe.. cute eh?


and I painted this one in my ART JOURNAL…


a close up…


I certainly love these!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling MYSTICAL……..

I’ve had this urge to paint a Gothic Girl…. my very first…. and I love how she turned out….


She has a glittery silver dress on and holding a skull.. LOVE those BIG eyes…LOL


I also had an urge to paint a Fairy Godmother..



and a Fairy…


and I painted this…… from Willowing, Black/White Challenge….


I LOVE IT, the photo doesn’t do it justice…


This is my ‘Witches Spell Book’ (a journal dedicated to anything Mystical)…..


I did the sketch a couple weeks ago while I was visiting the Grandies, and they loved the picture…. so here it is finished…


a close-up of each page…


she doesn’t look like a mean Witch….. and her spell is for “Sweet Dreams”….


and lastly a 2 page background spread for my ‘Diary’…


it’s too nice to cover with Months and dates… hehehe..

Anyhoo, thanks for visiting… xxxxx

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feeling WHIMSY……..

I have been able to watch the INSPIRING DVD’s from Willowing …. ULITMATE World of whimsy 1 and 2 while I rest my back after I hurt it at work a couple weeks ago…

Whimsy painting is fun!!! The characters are supposed to have exaggerated bodies, heads, eyes, lips etc… CUTE!!!

This page means a lot to me….


single page close ups…


The girl with the purple dress was supposed to represent ME and my friends…… but REALLY, the girl with the red dress was more like ME when I was growing up…. feeling left out and not accepted!

This page was painted and collaged ages ago…… and I finally found a quote I liked….. so I stuck that in yesterday afternoon….




I love paper napkin collage…. easy and sooo effective!!!



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Join me at this FREE 4 Week Online Art Workshop

from the talented, generous, sweet Tamara Laporte of Willowing. It started last year and is still open to ANYONE!!!  It’s called Art, Heart And Healing.
Art Heart & Healing
There are no less than 9 videos and heaps and heaps of PDF files you can download and keep forever!!!
Tamara is a fab teacher! I have finally grasped shading!
This is my portrait (representing me)… ‘YOU ARE WORTHY, BE KIND TO YOURSELF’….. I need to take more care of myself.
A close up of the face
I loved this class, I have learnt more about ME and my art!
Thank you Tamara for making this class available, it truly has been inspiring.
Tam has been VERY BUSY lately…. and she has a Year long Class called  LIFE BOOK: an honouring and celebration of you! Starts January 2012, Registration begins Oct 2011…Go check it out HERE…… THE best value online Art Class EVER!!! It works out to be about $3 a lesson, not including all the EXTRAS!!!
There are 15 other FABULOUS TEACHERS including Tam….. go check out who they all are…woohooo.