Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Join me at this FREE 4 Week Online Art Workshop

from the talented, generous, sweet Tamara Laporte of Willowing. It started last year and is still open to ANYONE!!!  It’s called Art, Heart And Healing.
Art Heart & Healing
There are no less than 9 videos and heaps and heaps of PDF files you can download and keep forever!!!
Tamara is a fab teacher! I have finally grasped shading!
This is my portrait (representing me)… ‘YOU ARE WORTHY, BE KIND TO YOURSELF’….. I need to take more care of myself.
A close up of the face
I loved this class, I have learnt more about ME and my art!
Thank you Tamara for making this class available, it truly has been inspiring.
Tam has been VERY BUSY lately…. and she has a Year long Class called  LIFE BOOK: an honouring and celebration of you! Starts January 2012, Registration begins Oct 2011…Go check it out HERE…… THE best value online Art Class EVER!!! It works out to be about $3 a lesson, not including all the EXTRAS!!!
There are 15 other FABULOUS TEACHERS including Tam….. go check out who they all are…woohooo.

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