Monday, September 26, 2011


I have started the FREE WHIMSICAL WORK SPACES WORKSHOP already.... Anyone can join in… 4 weeks of inspiration and motivation!!!! Already there are hints and tips to help you get started on your own special work space… some of you may not have a designated area, and there are ideas for you too!!! I am very lucky to have a whole room…. I just need to utilize it better!


I’m heading off for a week-end retreat in a couple of weeks and I really needed to know what I want to take along..... LOL The timing of the WHIMSICAL WORK SPACES WORKSHOP was perfect timing for me!!!

I have sorted through paints, glues, brushes, alphas, embellishments, journals, ribbons, fabric…….. and still need to do more!! I thought I was going to throw/donate a lot of stuff, but really all I needed to do was sort and store it in a better user-friendly way…hahaha

I uploaded BEFORE photos on Flickr…. of my ‘STUDIO’ /Office /Sewing, Scrap Room… and in a few weeks time I’ll upload the AFTER photos… I hope to create a ‘SPECIAL SPACE’ for CREATIVITY and INSPIRATION…. my own little RETREAT from the stresses of work, and the daily grind!

Why not come and join me here?

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