Sunday, January 1, 2012

What a ride it has been…….

the past month!…. Christmas is over and now it is the 1st day of January 2012!!!!!!!!!! It’s darn hot here too today, so I decided to stay inside……

I have started to download the PDFs and videos from LIFE BOOK 2012 and the buzz in the Group is truly AWESOME!!!


So many women and men wanting/needing to start the new year in a place of learning and nurturing….. Tam has put a lot of effort and love into this workshop along with 14 other very talented artists…. I KNOW it’s going to be a year of ups and downs, but I know I can share them with my art and friends who feel likewise…..

I have signed up for several other workshops, some a few days and some a few weeks, and I will share them with you as we go…..

I really hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew…..(oh there’s another story…. I had a tooth pulled 4days ago Sad smile)……. with all these workshops and next weekend is the Mount Gambier Library Market, where I will be exhibiting all my canvases….. this should be awesome, really looking forward to it…

I have spent a few days in between celebrating Christmas and New Year painting, collaging and glittering up a storm


6 x 6 in canvas… a shame I didn’t capture the glitter/blingyness… truly cute!



16 x 12in double thickness canvas…Oh MY….. I Luuurve this one…… perfect on my wall…… the quote is soooooo appropriate for me!!! LOL


Be Yourself 8 x 8in canvas….. hehehe love this one! A whimsy girl collaged and love the doodling!

Well, I have videos to watch from LIFE BOOK 2012 … and it’s never to late to join in!



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