Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I’m EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………


My Mixed Media Art Canvases will be EXHIBITED and FOR SALE at the Old Malony’s Market & Art Centre in Mount Gambier !!!…

so…… I will be deleting ALL of my canvases from the FACE BOOK SHOP ……. currently there is nothing like my canvases at the Market…. I’m hoping they make an impression and sell like hot cakes…..LOL I can’t wait to see them hanging up…… :-)

I have lots of work to do before they go on show, making tags for each of them all and a Bio….

Here are a few of my personal favourites I will be selling at the market…





Since starting RINRINKA – FANTASY FACE PAINTING & GLITTER TATTOOS business I haven’t been painting many canvases. I have spent the last few months setting up the business (Suppliers, Products, Equipment, Insurance, Advertising, Networking and getting all the paperwork in order)… now that is all done, I can create Mixed Media Art canvases in between working PT at the Hospital and FACE PAINTING at Markets, Community & Sporting Events and Birthday Parties on the weekends… it is a BIG DREAM of mine to one day make Art and build my FACE PAINTING business so I can cut back having to go to work!!!……(I can dream, can’t I?)….hahaha

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